Aquatic Central is the premiere Aquarium Maintenance Company in the Bay Area. The maintenance division is led by the owner, Chris. With over 20 years in the business, from working in fish stores in high school, to running a successful storefront for a decade including to running all types of custom systems for maintenance clients, Chris has unsurpassed knowledge and experience.

Aquatic Central is proud to say it has done business with The California Academy of Science, The Aquarium of the Bay, and the San Francisco Zoo, as well as other institutions. Aquatic Central is also the preferred affiliate for Animal Planet’s TANKED

Thank you for considering Aquatic Central for your Aquarium Maintenance needs. In us you will find an experienced, professional, and knowledgeable partner. Aquatic Central has been serving the San Francisco Bay Area for almost 20 years and has the reputation to give you confidence in your choice.

Why you should choose Aquatic Central:

  • Chances are you were referred to us, and we feel that is the strongest form of advertisement. Repeat customers are our staple. All of our decisions are based on keeping happy, lifelong customers.
  • We are insured, incorporated, experienced, and committed to the accounts we take on and guarantee our work. This also applies to livestock.
  • We will never sell you a product that we don’t stand by and that is reflected in our guarantee.
  • How can we guarantee our work and products ? It’s simple, we are sure to only sell products we feel are ready and appropriate. By screening what we sell, we optimize the customer experience, and insure their repeat business.This simple approach is extrapolated to all facets of our business.